LSPD Recruitment/Application Process

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LSPD Recruitment/Application Process

Post  Guest on Tue Jun 03, 2008 4:09 pm

Hello potentials. You think you have what it takes to become an officer of this Police Department? You will be required to understand many codes and procedures, take a lot of abuse and uphold the law. It is not an easy application process, and it certainly isn't the easiest of jobs. But it is rewarding.

We are always on the lookout for fresh talent and potential. Someone with the get go and who will move that extra mile for the call of duty.

L.S.P.D. Applicants must:

* Must have a good attitude
* Have a work permit or be a national citizen of San Andreas.
((This means you must have a clear command of English and be able to speak professionally.))
* Have brilliant role-play skills.
* Download, install and use Ventrilo. You will be required to have a microphone.
* Accept the terms and protocols in the Operations Manual.

* You must not be affiliated with any gang at the time of applying.
* You must not assist an officer during a ride-along, This is for your own safety.
* If an applicant is seen in the garage without authorization, a warning will be given. Second time and your application will be denied.
* Applicants are not above the law, therefore if you are seen carrying a weapon. Your application will be denied, you are not permitted to carry a weapon unless you of course have a permit.

If you meet the above criteria and wish to apply, please review the following:

Routine Patrol Unit
The Routine Patrol Unit or RPU are the front line staff of the police force. These are uniformed officers who will be the first response to any incident reported by a civilian or noticed while on patrol. RPU officers respond to a number of calls including gang turf wars, shoot outs, hostage situations, traffic incidents and riots. RPU officers will need to have street smarts and a mature attitude. The RPU can be a stressful time on people, but the end results shape the community and therefore these officers are paramount to the success of law enforcement in the city. Due to the physical strain and possible harassment these officers face, applications are restricted to Males only.

We are always in need of applicants who are trust worthy, can role play well and have the will to take the role seriously. If this sounds like you, then apply today to be one of San Andreas' finest!

Applicants need to be aware that having a lack of good English, constantly calling officers or command staff to check on their applications, assisting when not asked to do so and the other common crimes and intrusions on officerís work may have a negative impact on the application. Stay patient and positive, be active and considerate. That will do you wonders. Remember you need 4 recommendations as a minimum.

We wish all applicants the best of luck. If you are accepted, you will be bought into the force and put through our Academy training. Once completed, you will partner up with a current force member and get out there and bust the crime. Your duties are tough. But we train you for them.

Good luck.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the goals or responsibilities of an Officer on the server?
A. First and foremost you are the first line of defense for the citizens of Los Santos. You will put your life on the line everyday for them with little or no recognition for your work. You might even find that you're berated more than praised. Regardless, it is your duty to patrol the city and outlaying towns to ensure that crime is regulated and suspects are properly arrested and processed for their crimes. You will adhere to an above average level of professionalism and should you fail in your duties, just like the criminal, you'll likely be punished.

Q. How do I become a cop?
A. You need to first head to fill out an application in the recruitment sub-forum. From there the Chief of Police, Lieutenant of Patrol, or Sergeant of Patrol will look over the information and let you know what else will be needed. L.S.P.D. command will approve or deny applications on a regular basis.

Q. Is there currently a waiting list or line for getting in?
A. No, we are always looking for new applicants. So be sure to put the application in and we'll let you know what the decision is.

Q. I have experience on other servers, will that get me through the process faster?
A. Possibly, but you will still need to apply and show those skills you have gained on other servers.

Q. How long can the application process take?
A. Could take days to months. It just depends on your attitude, having references (of Officers), and your ability to be productive member of society.

Q. How will I know if I'm accepted?
A. A post will be made to your application thread. Check there often.

Q. Can I role-play a crooked cop?
A. Sure... the only downside to that is if the Chief of Police hears about it, you'll likely be fired. So play it smart.

Q. What restrictions will I have when I start?
A. You begin your career as a Cadet. Cadet's have a number of limitations to include (but not limited to):
-No use of the M4 or MP5
-No solo driving (must ride with a fully fledged Officer)
-A two week probation period (which is the maximum possible time)

You'll basically be under very close eye and we would rather get rid of you during this training phase than after promoting you to full Officer.

Q. What are the different commands for Police?
A. See the Operations Manual on the L.S.P.D. Forums for more information on that.

Q. I heard about a SWAT team for the L.S.P.D.... how do I join that?
A. SWAT Officers are selected from the Patrol section of fully fledged Officer's. The only way to be selected is to be a Patrol Officer (not Cadet) first.

Q. How much are you guys affiliated with the FBI?
A. Currently we have a very lose affiliation with the FBI. We don't ride together, or answer calls together. However, we do sometimes end up raiding locations together or utilizing each otherís resources (i.e. SWAT or the helicopter). In the future we plan to expand our operations utilizing the SWAT team, and it's quite possible the FBI may be more involved because of that.

Q. What else can you tell me about the L.S.P.D.?
A. Well, it's a job you do because you want to do it. You get crappy pay (which is partly broken at the time of writing this). You rarely get any recognition for your hard work from the public (they actually tend to hassle you and enjoy seeing you get in trouble). Most of the time people are trying to hurt you or kill you. So the rewards are small, but the enjoyment and entertainment is high. You'll deal with some of the craziest nonsense possible, and come out laughing. I like to tell people that this job is the ticket to the greatest show (sometimes freak show) on earth.


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