Red Dragon Club [Property Privatisation]

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Red Dragon Club [Property Privatisation]

Post  Yoshi_Tamaoko on Mon Jun 02, 2008 1:12 pm

Yoshi Tamaoko
Market St.1

City Hall
Mayors Office, Dept. of Privatization
Pershing Sq. 1
Downtown Los Santos

Dear Dept. of Privatization/Mayor,
In the future I would like to make a new club named Red Dragon. The club property is in Market area, and as you will see, it includes every single feature to become great disco club. Club has a nice location, parking spots and a big entrance. (Big entrance is usefull when it comes to big groups of people..)

Why do we need this club for?
These kind of clubs are very needed in modern world, they are "warehouses" of fun and social life. In these times people need something which is not stressfull, so they can relax after a hard day in work.

What will be the club used for?
As the Owner of the club I'll make this club reachable to all people. Poor, rich, wealthy... no matter what you are you will always be welcome in Red Dragon. Club will be used to held parties, ceremonys, organization meetings... I'll make club rentable, so people can rent it for like 1h.

Here is the front picture of the club:

As you see, the club has a nice texture of a red dragon, that's why I decided to name it Red Dragon.

3D Enterior:

Interior will include a bar, dancefloor, VIP lounge with a DJ area, stage and relax room with game machines.

Parking spots behind the club:

Cars will be protected by cameras and guards.

Thank you for reading my property privatization application.

If any of your agents want to talk to me, here are some contacts:
Email: (( PM on forum))
Cell phone: 8700
Home address for letters: Market St.1, Market (( Also PM on forum ))

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