The Tarkers

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The Tarkers

Post  Kolovia on Sun Jun 01, 2008 7:41 pm


The Tarkers are a street gang rising in power above it's rivals. Originally from San Andreas, the Tarkers have spread and have established themselves in the streets of Los Santos, Los Venturas and San Fierro. We do not follow the same mentality that resides with other gangs. Organization and cooperation within the gang is essential to our success. This not only unites us to the same cause, but makes us act as a whole, sustaining each other during hardships. The Tarkers have survived hardships in the gang world while other gangs around them have died. We have also faced and survived situations that other gangs would of perished in.

We are involved in a diverse variety of businesses, ranging from betting shops and casinos, drug and arms dealing, to prostitution and political enterprises. We have no boundaries. The law is nothing but an employee that wants his pay check every month to keep quiet. Our establishments are based in the major cities and in the smaller towns, leaving nowhere out of our control or/and unused. Other minor unlawful deeds we commit include small time carjacking, extortion, robberies and smuggling. Our contacts within the law enforcement groups provide us the information we need to leave no noticeable traces at crime scenes and the ability to escape unnoticed and with discretion. They also keep a watch over our records, destroying leads which the FBI might have on us.


I. Jefe (Boss)

II. Abajo Jefe (Under Boss)

III. Capotasto (Capo)

IV. Soldado (Soldier)

V. Cambatiente (Thug)

VI. Gamberro (Outsider)


Car: Tahoma


Color: Yellow
Car: Savanna


Color: Yellow


Vago's Skins, IDS coming soon.

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Re: The Tarkers

Post  Matt_Rennie on Sun Jun 08, 2008 1:14 am

I take it, The Tarkers dont have a "Hood" if thats what your saying. And Nice app, list 5+ members, and the gang will be scripted.

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