Tyn Johnsons Charater Story

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Tyn Johnsons Charater Story

Post  Tyn_Johnson on Mon May 26, 2008 9:01 am

Ok, Tyn Wilson was 12 When he first held a Gun, He was a really bad kid in the young days. He were out on his own at 15 going to the shops and mainly tried robbing binco at 16 after watching his Fathers friends (CJ,Big-Smoke,Sweet).
They were robbing the Binco store as Tyn ran in to tell his Father that his Wife is layed in the kitchen, So as his Father ran back up the Street to Recsue his wife, He rang 911 and asked for an Ambulance, He got to the house, But, It was too late his wife's throat had been sliced from Ear, to Chin. A few weeks later his father noticed Big-Smoke were acting different and Didnt come round often, He were asking CJ why, CJ didnt know anything what he meant
so one day they were sat near Glen Park as a Pink car pulled up with 4 Men in. They stepped out and Uun-Holstered some guns , all his fathers friends didnt have the weapons. Next thing you see is The Vagos sneak up behind the Ballas with Baseball bats and Fucked them up, then all of my fathers friends scattered about, Tyn turned 17 and Joined Grove nicknamed Ryder , He moved to Las Venturas for some business and 2 years on he got a call from Sweet...
He said : "Ryder,Big smoke killed your fucking mom man get yo' ass back here we gonn' fuck this foo' up dawg"
Tyn Replied: "I will be there in 2 days".

2 Days passed as CJ(Tyn Johnson) Arrived in LS, He saw a burning house from a Distance, He wasnt sure if it was CJ's house from his dad or His own house. So, he ran up as fast as he could, as he saw Big-Smoke leaving his house with a Petrol Bomb, So Tyn ran and Hidden behind Ryders house, As he threw another at the house Tre ran out and Hit him Just as 3 Fire engines and 2 Police cars, Suprisingly there was an Ambulance. Tre ran away for a few days until everything sorted.

Now Tyn came back and then quit grove and started his own life from then he did have a bad past but he sorted everything out and it all went quiet there were not much people around it was like everyone went away for ages, but suddenly Tyn were at his Nans watching the T.V as he found everyone has gone because of a Tornado in Downtown Los Santos, he packed all his things and took his Nan to San Fierro for the month, he got back and this is where he is now.

Thanks hope you liked it


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