Server Rules Set 1

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Server Rules Set 1

Post  Frank_Carter on Mon May 26, 2008 8:19 am


* Spamming
* Inappropriate language on OOC
* Bug Abuse
* Metagaming - using OOC knowledge IC
* Powergaming
* Speaking in any other language but english in Ooc

Warn-able (3 warnings = auto-ban):

* Revenge Killing; killing someone without any reason except having been killed by that same person before.
* Death Matching; killing someone without any reason.
* Metagaming - using OOC knowledge IC
* Powergaming
* Constant Spamming
* Abusing /ad, including advertisement of illegal sales such as "need guns? call me".
* Ignoring admin requests
* Cursing admins and players
* Stealing faction vehicles
* Not RPing
* Having a disallowed name ( Name must be Firstname_Last Name only!)
* Extremely bad language on OOC chat
* Driver side Driveby
* Ignoring server rules
* Using Smilies in the In Character chat.
* Using OOC terms (lol, omg, wtf, etc.) in the In Character chat.
* Jail DeathMatching
* Flaming
* Insulting anyone on Ooc: Racism, country, age, sex or anything.
* Lameing ( Driving over someone and staying, killing him by that )


* Cheating and hacking
* Having 3 warnings (auto ban)

Added By Steven Hunt

Gun rules:

- No pulling guns from your ass
- No /me grabs the M4 from his shoulder (Unless your in the army)
- No /me grabs the AK47/any other heavy gun from his trousers (You ain't that strong)

Driving rules:

- You do NOT have to drive good, but you're expected to drive RPly
- On chased, stay on the right road and you can take over but do not crash alot as this is called 'Non RP Driving'

Cop rules:

- No chase provoking (Simply means, if you call them a asshole for no reason)
- Cops cannot just shoot as someone calls them a name, you simply fine.
- Cops do not arrest for speeding, they fine.
- Cops cannot grab guns from ass also.

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