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Post  Max_Saka on Sun May 25, 2008 11:37 pm

Personal Details:

1) Surname: Sakaluma
1.1) Forename: Max
1.2) Gender(real): Male
1.3) In-game level: 1
1.4) Age(real): 15
1.5) Geographical location (real): UK, London

2) How long have you been a citizen of San Andreas?(ooc): 1 hour

3) Are you currently in employment?: No

3.1) If yes, what is your current occupation?:

4) Have you ever been convicted for a serious crime?: Never

5) Have you ever served time in prison?: Never

6) Can you communicate effectively in the English language?(ooc): Yes
7) Are you prepared to use ventrilo?(ooc): No

8)Do you have a fully working microphone?(ooc): No

9) Do you hold a full Los Santos Driving License?: Yes

10) Tell us about yourself and why you want to be in the Police Force: I am 18 and I am young, I want to be in the Police Force because this city needs a good, not corrupt cop and I also wants to make this city a safer place to live. I will do my best to decrease the crime rate.

11) Do you posses any Law Enforcement knowledge?(ooc): Yes, I do.

11.1) If yes, explain fully(ooc): Law is for people to follow. Government made the laws and enforce it on the people who live in their Country.

12.) Do you know your way around Los Santos well?(ooc): Yes, very well



(( I have been a chief, cadet on other server before. ))


Additional information / Questions / Concerns




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Post  Frank_Carter on Tue Jun 03, 2008 10:42 pm


Failed to get a microphone. and contact us

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