Public Announcement from the LSPD.

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Public Announcement from the LSPD.

Post  Callum_Groves on Mon May 19, 2008 12:21 am

Citizens of San Andreas,

I make this announcement on behalf of the LSPD.

The Crime rate in this city is too high. That is why I am giving you all a verbal warning.

Police have been armed with Better weapons. There is a procedure that will be Followed.

If a Police officer asks to Pull you over, then you comply, PERIOD.

If you fail to comply, the Officer(s) will then use their Megaphone, and give you THREE Verbal warnings.

If you still fail to comply,

Deadly Force.. will be authorised. Backup will be called. So, i'm just saying, that its better to Have a $100 Ticket.. than to be arrested / shot / killed.

Always Remember;

The LSPD Run these streets.. Not you.


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