How to Roleplay guide!

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How to Roleplay guide!

Post  Carlos_Garcia on Sat May 10, 2008 2:27 am

How to roleplay guide:

1.The Basics:

When you first open the sa-mp, enter your name, but be carefull its gonna be FirstName_LastName. (Example: Johnny_Stalone Smile ) Next when you enter our server type /register [ and here you add your password ] , when you register you acc type /login [and the password you have written before ]


On server you will find tons of cool commands, but you need to learn how to use them. For talking we have 2 differend groups of commands. One is IC and one is OOC. ( I guess you are probably wondering what a heck is IC and OOC. InCharacter (IC) ( Its when you can talk stuff like: Hello, my name is Johnny_Stalone... in IC you can't use smiley's, omfg's, stfu's, ... OutOfCharacter (OOC) ( Its when you can talk about everything you want... smiley's, omfg's ,... are allowed in here.

Here are the commands for talking:

IC Commands:
When you only press T and write.
/f Family chat.
/l When you are on phone and you don't want to talk to person on the other side of the phone Smile
/s You shout.
...Admins please add codes for IC talking, I can't remmeber all.

Also codes for Cellphones are IC:
/call [ number you want to call ]
/sms [ number of your receiver ]

OOC Commands:
/o All people can see what you are talking, if this chat is enabled.
/b Only players close to you can see it.
/w Like some kinda PrivateMessage
...Again I need admins help Smile

Ok so now when we have done the talking, we can can continue to your behaviour on server. You don't just jump around, sprint, shoot... You need to have some limits.

You will probably need a ride sometime, here's an example: If you need a ride and you type like /me trows his arm up and shouts! ( You are probably thinking what the command /me does. It will come out like this : *Johnny_Stalone throws his arm up and shouts! ) Then you kindly ask the driver if he is soo nice to give you a ride, if he says no, you call a cab.

2.The Intermediate rank:

Let's start with your character. You will need to look a bit in the future for this. You need to know what exactly your char will do. ( Example; If you want to be Yakuza gangbanger you will need a Japanese name, like: Yoshi_Samurai... La Onda and Vagos are more into Spanish/Aztec names like: Pedro_Salvador, Pablo_Escobar, Carlos_Diaz... ) When you get this straight, you can continue to your speech. If your a Vago, you speak a bit spanish, if your Yakz you speak a bit Japanese... You also need to improve your acting too, you need to do things like your mafia is in to in real life. Like for example; Yakz do racing with cars (drag races,drifting,..) , Gang's are more into drugs,guns, illegal biz..



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