R E A D Before making an Application

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R E A D Before making an Application

Post  Sam_Kell on Wed Jun 04, 2008 12:14 am

To Join the Template, you MUST show Above-Average Role-Play to Strong Role-Play. You must also show some-type of medical knowledge, or use at least common sense. You must show maturity; NB: That does not mean you can joke around, be silly at times when you're OOC.

Medical Department Application Template

Application Template wrote:
In Game Character Information
Player Name: (In-Game Name)
Date Of Birth: (dd-mm-yyyy Format)
Character Gender: (Male or Female)
Current Level: (In-Game Level)
Licenses: (Which licenses do you have?)
Current Job: (Which job do you have now? You cannot be in a gang.)
Previous Jobs: (Which jobs did you ever have?)
Criminal Record: (Ever convicted of a serious crime?)
-If Yes: (Your charge,Why you did it,Resisted Arrest?)
Jail/Prison: (Ever been to Jail or Prison?)
-If Yes: (How Many Times, Most Time Ever Spent There, Highest Fine Ever)
IC Bio: (Tell us a bit about your character. Where they are from, how they grew up, personality, etc. Put some effort in. Minimum 120 words.)

Real Life Personal Profile
First Name: (Real life first name you are often called.)
Languages Spoken: (Start with your strongest to weakest)
Gender: (Male or Female)
Date Of Birth: (dd-mm-yyyy Format)
Location: (Where you live)
Timezone: (Your timezone +/- GMT)
Interests: (Your hobbies)
Occupation: (Your Job)
Quote: (Your personal quote)

Why Do You Want Job: (Your Reason)
Medical Experience: (Have any real life experience or knowledge?)
Hours To Spare: (Average Daily)
GTA SA Experience: (How long/well you play/know on SinglePlayer AND MultiPlayer)
Email/Contacts: (MSN,AIM,YAHOO,ETC)
Do you agree to following a structured system?: (Yes or No?)
Do you have Teamspeak and a working Mic?: (Yes or No or Acquiring Very Soon)
Do you agree to the activity levels?: (Yes or No?)
Comments/Questions: (Notes)

NB: This Medical Template goes credit to a "Matthew_Tam" from my old server.

Also, note you will be given three tests, they will include; Driving Test, Showing proficiency in driving and proficiency in and around San Andreas. Los Santos is the minimum you must know; Medical Test, Showing proficiency in medical knowledge; Final Test Under Stress, The two previous, except timed.

Thanks and Good Luck.


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