S.O.P. - Standard Operating Procedures

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S.O.P. - Standard Operating Procedures

Post  Sam_Kell on Tue Jun 03, 2008 11:43 pm

- Standard Operating Procedures

- Safety. No matter what situation you're in, You're rescuing a person in need of assistance. Personal Safety is a priority, secure yourself first. Only then should you attempt to rescue the injured. Losing no one is obviously the best. However, Losing one life is PREFERRABLE over losing greater numbers.

- Assistance. If you are called from the LSPD, LSPD SWAT or FBI, assist as much as possible. Note: You are in control of the injured. But the Law Enforcement is in control of the overall situation. If they need you and/or the patient to be moved, and you know moving will just cripple them more, communicate. That's all there is, communication.

- Homocide/Murder. If you see a Homocide which hasn't been reported, use your department radio (( /d )) to contact PD. Also, if there is a shootout, you are not law enforcement. DO NOT try and settle the situation. Get to a safe spot at once, and contact PD via department radio.

- Paramedics-in-Training must ride with a qualified Paramedic, before being allowed to drive alone. (( Unless if no rank 2 is online.. then you're good to go =P ))

(( - Leaving Server. If you are leaving the server, don't dump the Ambulance anywhere. Destroy it, Return it relatively close to the All Saints General Hospital, or hand it over to another Paramedic. ))

Breaching of these Procedures will result in a probation period, in which any further acts are commited against the procedures, will result in the loss of job.


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