Los Santos Vagos

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Los Santos Vagos

Post  Carlos_Garcia on Sat May 10, 2008 2:01 am

~Los Santos Vagos~

~Short faction details~

Name: Los Santos Vagos
Short names: Vagos,MS-13
Origin: Argentin/Spanish
Turf:Los Colinos
Gang Color: Orange


In 1989 criminal rised in Los Santos. Police forces were not able to stop gangs and peds from stealing in 27/7's,TV Shops,... There were some gangs already; La Onda,The Oyamada's,... But there was no gang in Los Colinos. But, one day couple of gangsters meet in a pub called "Orange Lion". After hour and half they decided to make a gang called Los Santos Vagos. At 1990 gang was leaded by 3 men. Those man were know as Lil'C (Cezar_Hernandez), CG (Cedric_Garcia) and Esco (Pablo_Escobar). Only one of them survived gangwar vs La Onda. That was CG. Now he became new leader of LSV's.

If your part of our gang you need to respect some rules too. They are not hard, you just need to obey them.

# Never disrespect higher ranked person!
# Obey orders from Jefe, Mano derecha and Mano izquierda!
# Never start a war without promition from Jefe or Mano dereche/izquierda!
# Respect our allies!
# Never pull out a gun in public!
# Be loyal to us, do not try to spy for other enemies!

# 1 Jefe (Leader)
# 2 Mano derecha (Righ-Hand)
# 3 Mano izquierda (Left-Hand)
# 4 Mercenario (Soldier)
# 5 Cambatiente (Thug)
# 6 Gamberro (Outsider)


Our turf will be Los Colinos. I made a pic with our turf on:

[Turf is colored with Orange]


Jefe skin.

Mano derecha and Mano izquierda skin.

Mercenario,Cambatiente and Gamberro skin.

Cars in our Barrio(HQ) need to be:

Frontside of the Barrio:

Garage [Put cars on red spots]:

Location on map:


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Re: Los Santos Vagos

Post  Sean_Johnson on Sun May 11, 2008 6:34 pm

Good Luck, nice layout.

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Re: Los Santos Vagos

Post  Guest on Sun May 11, 2008 7:34 pm

Hey got them from the SA-MP Wiki, and why don't you use the other latino skins?


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Re: Los Santos Vagos

Post  Frank_Carter on Mon May 19, 2008 3:12 am

You need 3 more skins cos there are 6 ranks !. You also need to have the 5 players put there names here

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Re: Los Santos Vagos

Post  Sergio_Garozza on Mon May 19, 2008 3:42 am

Do the riffa skins btw i wanna join this gang i know a lot mexican slang some are here

La muerte-barrio-holmes-vato-ese-qua paso-si-puto-puta-pendejo-barrio-Carrucha-

And some others


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Re: Los Santos Vagos

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